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Bharat polytecnic

Chairman's Message

Science and Technology--A new department is an indicator to the rapid spread of Technical Education. It is a basic need of 21st century. India's position in Technology is outstanding in the today world. India’s economy is also quite sound and sustainable even as compared to that of developed nations of the globe. The Department of Technical Education is solely responsible for giving know-how and inculcating skills among our young student who study Engineering and Technology at diploma level. India's future is being shaped and reshaped everyday by the dynamic forces of globalization. Thus, the responnsibility of Technology Education department is to revise the curriculum that matches with the requirement of the common man of our society. The department should upgrade the skills of teachers and improves laboratories and promotes Industry-Institutes partnership. Thus the department of Technical Education is a boom for a social change. In the Polytechnic, the students are prepared to excel in skills through lab practicals, workshop practice through perfect knowledge of CAD,CAM and CNC machines.

Sh. Om Nath Saini
Bharat Polytechnic Pehladpur